Panasonic and Teledyne partner to enhance connected aircraft capabilities

A new partnership between Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) and Teledyne Controls (Teledyne) will see the companies work together to develop an integrated connectivity solution enabling real-time operational aircraft data transfers during flight.The combination of Teledyne’s Wireless GroundLink Comm+ product suite with Panasonic’s Global Communications Service aims to provide cost effective connectivity in-flight or at the gate using both Ku-band service and GSM cellular.This will allow for real time flight data transmission that could immediately determine the operational status of the aircraft without aircraft operators having to suffer from bandwidth limitations and the high transmission costs associated with traditional data communications systems.Furthermore, when combined with Panasonic's Weather Solutions application and Teledyne's GroundLink AID+ solution, real time weather can be delivered to the flight deck, resulting in enhanced safety and increased flight efficiency.Masood Hassan, president of Teledyne Controls, explained, “This agreement signals an exciting new future for both companies. Teledyne is the industry leader in supplying flight data management and cellular wireless connectivity solutions that enhance airline efficiency and flight safety. Working with Panasonic and adding best-in-class airborne connectivity will take what is possible to another level, including the transmission of critical flight data from the aircraft to the ground. Our systems together will provide aircraft operators with a new world of possibilities.”Panasonic and Teledyne also plan to further enhance the value provided by their existing platforms to enable new levels of efficiency in maintenance, flight, and cabin operations with a suite of data automation solutions. Areas of collaboration include ACARS AOC data over IP, avionics software distribution and an on-board aircraft interface that supports electronic flight bag and crew mobile device platforms.Paul Margis, Panasonic’s president and CEO, stated, “Our agreement with Teledyne is yet another example of our vision for the connected aircraft and its benefits for the commercial airline community becoming reality. With this agreement, Panasonic and Teledyne will create a unique service that uses real-time data transmission to create operational efficiencies and reduced costs for our customers. We look forward to working with Teledyne on a host of new capabilities that even further improve the way our customers are able to operate their business.”

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