Onboard WiFi pricing disclosed by Southwest

Pricing for Southwest Airlines WiFi HOTSPOT has been announced by the airline, with a special introductory flat rate of $5 per flight for any device or flight length.

"Southwest tested a number of different prices throughout this process and is pleased that we will offer one low fee for this service, making it easy for customers to know what to expect," explained Dave Ridley, Southwest’s vice-president marketing and revenue management. "We are excited to have WiFi on our flights. This technology will make our customers’ experience even better."

Customers on a WiFi-enabled aircraft will be greeted with the newly designed WiFi HOTSPOT placard on board the aircraft. When opening the Southwest Airlines WiFi HOTSPOT browser, passengers will be taken to a home page that houses content free of charge. Free content includes a flight tracker, games, shopping on Skymall and Home Shopping Network, and access to www.southwest.com.

Customers will receive an e-mail prior to their flight informing them they will be on a WiFi-enabled aircraft. Southwest plans to have 60 WiFi-enabled aircraft by year end and the entire fleet of 737-700s (346 aircraft) enabled by the end of 2012.

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