Norwegian reveals passenger habits as Wi-Fi service turns five

tEuropean low fare carrier, Norwegian has marked the fifth anniversary of becoming the first airline to offer free Wi-Fi on European routes, by revealing the IFC behavioural habits of passengers.
tA sample of 1,000 passengers from across Europe were questioned about their inflight surfing habits, which the airline combined with data usage from over 550,000 flights.ttThe study revealed that over 18,000 passengers access Norwegian’s free Wi-Fi daily, with the biggest demand on routes to and from Spain. Since introducing the free service over 500 terabytes of data have been consumed on board flights – the equivalent of streaming 1.2 million songs, receiving 170 million emails or watching 25,000 hours of Netflix.ttPolling found that German, Swedish and Danish passengers are the most impatient to get online, with British, Spanish and American travellers more reserved. A third of passengers log onto a social media channel within five minutes of the flight and three per cent claim that not being able to access social media would ruin their"Five years ago Norwegian became the first airline to introduce free Wi-Fi on European routes, and five years later we are still the only carrier to offer the service,” commented Thomas Ramdahl, chief commercial officer at"To celebrate five years of free Wi-Fi, Norwegian’s new study reveals some fascinating insights into the world’s sky-high surfing habits. The results show how integral being connected is to people’s travel plans – with 18,000 passengers per day accessing Wi-Fi to chat with friends, read news and continue working whilst travelling across Europe," Ramdahl added.t

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