Norwegian registers record high use of free in-flight WiFi

Airline passengers on Norwegian flights have welcomed the Scandinavian carrier’s free in-flight WiFi service, hitting a record high during the Oslo-Alicante flight on April 14th when 87 passengers were logged on at 30,000 feet.Hans Petter Aanby, CTO at Norwegian commented, “We’re overwhelmed by the response among our passengers and are gradually installing WiFi on all of our new aircraft.”Some routes have proven to be more WiFi savvy than others. The flights between Oslo and Geneva stand out with between 40 and 50 percent of all passengers logged on. Other popular WiFi routes include Oslo-London, Oslo-Dubai, Oslo-Alicante, Stockholm-London and Las Palmas-Stockholm.
Norwegian launched its high-speed broadband service in February and claims to be the only airline offering its passengers an online experience on European routes. By summer 2011, the airline expects to have 11 aircraft equipped with internet on board and by the end of the year, 21. The service is supplied by in-flight connectivity provider, Row 44.Starting in May and for the time being, Norwegian will offer free in-flight WiFi on all flights between Oslo and Stockholm.“This is a product that no other airline in Europe is currently offering, which gives us a huge competitive advantage. Our passengers will soon be able to see in the booking process whether the aircraft has WiFi,” added Aanby.
In 2011, 15 brand new Boeing 737-800s will enter Norwegian’s fleet – all equipped with WiFi and the new Dreamliner interior, SKY. New aircraft also means lower emissions and reduced fuel cost. Norwegian plans to install WiFi on its entire fleet by the end of 2012.

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