Norwegian claims first for WiFi on European flights

Norwegian claims to be the first airline to offer high-speed broadband on flights within Europe selecting Row 44 as the supplier of its new WiFi system.Director of IT and Business Development at Norwegian, Hans-Petter Aanby said, “Norwegian is proud to be the first airline to offer wireless internet access on board flights in Europe. It is satisfying to be able to give our passengers the opportunity to work, read online newspapers, play games or watch online TV while flying with us. This is a product that no other airline in Europe is currently offering, which gives us a huge competitive advantage.”
All of Norwegians new Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be equipped with this technology. The aircraft have an antenna, which communicates with a satellite, mounted on the fuselage. Inside the aircraft, there are two separate networks, one that is open for passengers and one for pilots and cabin crew that will make their work in the air easier and more efficient.By summer 2011, 11 aircraft will have internet on board and by the end of the year, 21 will be equipped with this technology. By 2012, 40 aircraft will have in-flight WiFi.

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