Nike and Teague collaborate on ‘The Athlete’s Plane’

Teague, a leading design consultancy in aviation, has teamed up with sports company Nike to brainstorm a concept jet which features many futuristic ideas: ‘The Athlete’s Plane—a sky-high, pre- and post-game training and treatment facility’.
Recognising that players only have half their matches at home, Teague highlights that athletes can face an ‘away disadvantage,’ which is more than likely the result of the negative impact of travel.
Teague says, “A 2008 study by Nikhil Swaminathan published in Scientific American showed that Major League Baseball teams traveling to game sites three time zones away lose 60% of those games. German researchers in 2002 confirmed that motor function measurably deteriorated in athletes after air travel and then lingered for roughly the same number of days as the number of time zones crossed”.
The design consultancy worked with Nike as well as conducting interviews with team physicians, coaches, operations staff, and sleep specialists working with both collegiate and professional teams, coming up with solutions to issues they don’t see being addressed by commercial charters. These include:
Custom IFEC (in-flight entertainment and connectivity) – The possibility for players to study films of relevant games whilst in transit.
Telemedicine – In-flight biometrics and analysis to accelerate injury diagnosis and treatment. The concept jet’s outline talks about ‘Massage, intravenous infusion, cold and warm contrast treatments and electro-stimulation’ being available on-board.
Wearable Technology – Performance information would be available on the seat-back monitors through the wearable tech in an athlete’s footwear, apparel and accessories worn during games.
Whilst ‘The Athlete Plane’ is still just a set of cool images and ideas, it gives the IFEC industry a lot of food for thought regarding specially tailored business jets.

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