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New product offerings for LHT’s ‘nice’

Lufthansa Technik’s Innovation Business Unit has developed new product offerings for its ‘nice’ cabin management and inflight entertainment system (CMS/IFE). At the same time, Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services (LBAS), will be modifying its first aircraft, a Global Express, with a ‘nice’ CMS/IFE system.

One of the new ‘nice’ product offerings is ‘nicemate’, a small (192L x 118W x 63H mm), light-weight (1 kg), multi-tasking unit with a WLAN device, cellular GSM/3G connection, media-, maintenance- and network-server. It can host multiple simultaneously running applications on the ‘nice’ system network.

The first three – of many possible – applications introduced on the ‘nicemate’ unit will be available for installation in the coming months. These initial offerings are:
• cabin diagnostics – ‘nicemate’ continually monitors and logs files from the ‘nice’ system network and will establish a secured 3G broadband connection once the aircraft lands to automatically transmit flight logs to Customer Service Innovation (CSI). If there are any malfunctions on the network, CSI will be automatically flagged and a proactive maintenance action will ensue. Depending on the level of service, an SMS is sent to the aircraft stating the problem and giving maintenance direction. Additionally, aircraft owners and their engineering can always see the latest diagnostics results of the ‘nice’ system on a custom-tailored web portal.
• iPhone wireless application – ‘nicemate’ will host a server application that will send configuration data to a native iPhone/iTouch application for the ‘nice’ system wireless control. The native application includes an easy to use ‘nice’ system graphical user interface.
• ‘niceview-lite’ – ‘nicemate’ will host a global ‘niceview’ moving map product that will provide satellite 2D worldwide views with 120 m per-pixel. Custom aircraft models with individual livery.

Another new product, which Lufthansa Technik’s Innovation unit is currently developing, is a purpose built Blu-ray player made for the aerospace market. The player will fit into the same form-fit (mounting tray with connector) as Lufthansa Technik’s current ‘nice’ DVD player. The Blu-ray player will be qualified to DO-160 (standard for environmental test of avionics hardware) and will come with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) form 1 certification.

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