New Mobile Apps from Satcom Direct

Satcom Direct has developed mobile applications for their satcom services to provide real-time aircraft data activity for mobile devices used by flight crew, maintenance personnel and passengers.

Versions of the launched mobile applications include the services: AeroV, FlightDeck Freedom (FDF), Plane Simple, SkyTicket, and MATA to help pilots, flight crew, and passengers get connected and receive real-time data of activity on their aircraft.
Satcom Direct mobile apps are currently available for all Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad, and can be downloaded from the iTunes store. Some applications require a subscription and others require existing service through Satcom Direct before you can use the application. All of the apps are free to download except AeroV.
AeroV is an In-flight Softphone with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and works via Inmarsat, Iridium, and Yonder networks, allowing customers to securely connect and communicate while in flight.The Tablet-based Flight Deck Data, FDF Mobile, provides access to flight deck services such as Critical Aviation Weather, Flight Planning, Pre-Departure Clearance, Oceanic Clearance, Digital ATIS, and Position Reports.The Account Management tool, Plane Simple Mobile, offers active services, usage records, aircraft and configuration information, and most recent flight path.SkyTicket offers passengers broadband connectivity which they pay for the data they use in-flight, andMATA (Mobile Access Troubleshooting Application) is used to ensure that satcom systems on-board the aircraft are configured correctly.
“Mobile Applications are how we connect in our everyday lives – we are now taking that functionality to aviation,” commented founder and owner of Satcom Direct, Jim Jensen. “These apps deliver mobile access to various products and services that Satcom Direct already offers its customers, giving them the flexibility to use their own devices to see usage statistics in flight.”

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