New IFE platform launches bringing together airlines and content providers, a new online platform for producers and distributors of entertainment content to connect easily and sell directly to airlines, has launched.

Currently in beta phase, airlines which sign up to the service can search and select individual pieces of content or create a whole content line up.According to Dave Sampson, CEO of Content Marketplace, content owners and producers will have complete control over their content, setting the price on a “per vehicle per month basis”. During the beta, the content listing is free, but in future each content item will attract a small monthly fee.“This is a better for airlines who will pay less for premium quality content and for the content producers who will receive all of their licence fee,” stated Sampson, adding “We want to shake up the way content is traded, making it quicker, easier and better value. The system we have been building has the capacity for an unlimited library of content that can be quickly and easily accessed via filtering search features.”“At the moment video, audio and text based content is on the system, and we will shortly be adding games and other interactive content. I am sure it won’t be long before we are adding new content genre to cater for safety videos, virtual reality or any content that people are watching on their mobiles, TV or home computers,” he concluded.

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