New FliteDeck Pro offers shared user experience across iOS and Windows

Jeppesen is now offering airlines and large business aviation operators an enhanced version of its FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag (EFB) solution which is compliant with both iOS 9 and Windows 10 operating systems, creating a common user experience across both platforms with the hope of providing operators greater freedom of choice with EFB tablet solutions.
“For the first time, operators using Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro will be able to simultaneously use iPad and Windows-based tablets that feature the same powerful capabilities,” explained Alex Zakroff, vice president, Jeppesen Navigation Solutions. “By maintaining close working relationships with our customers, we understand choice is a very important factor in decision making. We now offer flexibility for choosing the EFB platform environment that best suits their operational needs.”
In addition to a uniform shared experience across iPad and Windows tablets, the new FliteDeck Pro version also delivers several new capabilities to increase operational efficiency. Among the changes, airlines and other operators now have the ability to send company information directly to FliteDeck Pro as ‘customer inserted charts’ and have it available for EFB use immediately, instead of waiting for the next data cycle update. This ability to augment Jeppesen charts with company information in nearly real time provides increased flexibility for same-day airline operations.
Another new highly-requested capability enables importing routes from multiple data sources, including flight planning systems and third party apps, to provide the right information to the pilot at the right time in support of flight preparation and execution.

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