NBAA2014: Flight Display Systems upgrades JetJukebox product and unveils wearable controllers

Flight Display Systems has upgraded its JetJukebox wireless media streaming solution for business aircraft and is using NBAA to gather feedback on its new ‘wearable cabin controller’ wrist watch.
JetJukebox connects to an aircraft’s Wi-Fi router and streams content to as many as eight tablets, smart phones, or computers. Now, in a new development, the system can also stream video to a bulkhead monitor, as well as interfacing with the ‘Smart Cabin’ cabin management system to control functions including lights, video and audio.
“We are very excited to offer these additions and improvements to the JetJukebox,” says David Gray, president of Flight Display Systems. “We’ve already had such a positive response to the previous model. We can’t wait to hear what our customers say about this one.”
Other improvements to JetJukebox being showcased at NBAA are a fivefold increase in its moving map resolution – the standard resolution is 500 square metres per pixel, but now JetJukebox offers 90 metres per pixel – and increased storage from 240GB to one terabyte (the equivalent of 400 films).
In the future, Flight Display Systems may offer the ability to control the JetJukebox solution using a ‘wearable cabin controller’ wrist watch, another development in Flight Display Systems’ wireless cabin management technology.
The company’s ‘wearable cabin controller’ contains a processer with built in Wi-Fi capabilities. Combined with a Wi-Fi router and JetJukebox, it can show passengers data such as speed, altitude and estimated time of arrival. Designed to remove the need for a smartphone or tablet, the wrist watch can potentially be used to control lights, video and audio too, whilst attendants could use the devices for passenger communications and alerts.

Gray added, “No one knows exactly how wearables can best benefit the aviation industry yet, so we are exploring a lot of technologies in this area and will be ready to provide our customers with the best options.”

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