NBAA2010: TrueNorth Express adds email options for Magnastar

Two new e-mail options are being offered by TrueNorth Avionics for the Magnastar operators which will allow passengers to send/receive e-mail through their current Magnastar systems using the LiveTV Airfone network.

The TrueNorth Express Portable is a modular, self contained carry-on solution the size of a 15” laptop computer that plugs into an existing Magnastar system to create a data link to the LiveTV Airfone network.

The company is also offering an installed box – TrueNorth Express – for Magnastar that accomplishes the same thing. The company added a smart phone e-mail capability to Iridium-based airborne phone systems. It affords walk-on-and-use-it support for all WiFi enabled smart phones, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid and other brands.

Kathryn Creedy, US correspondent, Inflight/Inflight Online

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