NBAA2010: Honeywell introduces Ovation Select CMS

Ovation Select has been announced by Honeywell at the National Business Aircraft Association meeting in Atlanta.

The new cabin management system is hi-definition, hi-speed, hi-touch and works with pre-programmed content or download material from a passenger’s personal electronic devices. The new system has already been selected for the Embraer Legacy 450 and 500 as well as the Boeing Business Jet, illustrating its scalability from the small to mid to large business aircraft.

“You can be as connected and productive in your business aircraft as you are in your office or you can enjoy entertainment as if you were in your own home theatre,” said the company.

The package includes the ability to access e-mail, internet and corporate communications networks as well as videoconferencing, satellite television, moves, telephone and smart phone. In addition its JetMap HD moving map can be linked to entertainment programing, according to Honeywell’s business leader cabin management systems Paul Lafata.

“So, a passenger cannot only track the progress of the trip but can programme an alert when the aircraft is travelling over an interesting area such as Yellowstone Park,” he said. “He can then access a documentary on Yellowstone if he or she wants.”

The system includes surround sound audio, supplied by Alto Aviation, and vivid high definition video thanks to its joint venture with Rosen Aviation which supplies the screens.

Lafata said that there are three ways to control the system including an in-seat, touchscreen control panel which controls everything from video to lighting to window shades. In addition, it includes the Pronto remote control. Customers can also use an iPad which is offered as an option. It can also be customised with unique backgrounds and languages, including a customised 3D model of the aircraft displayed on the moving map.

Lafata said it is compatible with all the latest technology innovations and consumer electronics devices and include iPod docks. It also enabled for video gaming.

Kathryn Creedy, US correspondent, Inflight/Inflight Online

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