NBAA2010: EMS Aviation unveils Aspire family

Calling it a “revolution in airborne connectivity,” EMS Aviation has introduced the Aspire family, featuring the first-ever Integrated SmartPhone and Remote for enhanced cabin control.

The unique flexible, innovative Iridium and Inmarsat voice and data systems are designed to deliver feature-rich connectivity to owners and operators of small- and medium-sized business aircraft.“In-flight connectivity has become an essential element of aircraft operation,” said Nim Evatt, EMS Aviation general manager. “The Aspire product family offers operators an easy upgrade path, and customized bandwidth that will grow with their needs, making it easy for operators to fly like they live—with seamless, global connections.”The first offering, the Aspire 200 LG connectivity system will be installed on a Cessna Sovereign aircraft and offer voice and data connectivity through one channel of SwiftBroadband (SB200) service. With a high-gain antenna, the system also supports automatic switching to Swift 64 services.The Aspire family of communication systems will offer various services from voice and/or data to high-speed Internet, while also providing flexible installation and customizable capabilities and bandwidth.Key to the Aspire family’s unprecedented flexibility is a standard wiring configuration and interfaces that support either Iridium or Inmarsat components. For airframe manufacturers, it provides the ability to wire an aircraft early in the production process without having to commit to a specific system until much later.“Our innovative corded and wireless color touchscreen handset options represent a first in the business aviation industry,” said Evatt. “Passengers and crew can use the handset to make calls and check e-mail, but it is also designed to allow users to add applications that will allow them to control many aspects of the cabin environment, like diming the lights or turning on an entertainment system.”EMS will introduce the product line in phases. The Aspire handset will be available in 2011.

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