NBAA2010: Aircell increases in-flight productivity

Following two years of astounding growth in in-flight connectivity, Aircell noted that only about 200 business and air transport aircraft had such connectivity in 2008 whereas, now, there are more than 1000 business aircraft units with true high-speed access through its Gogo Biz. Aircell is touting two products at the National Business Aircraft Association show here including the TG 5000 which provides Gogo Biz inflight Internet service on a standalone basis. Also on offer is the ATG 4000 with Aircell Axxess which provides Gogo Biz inflight Internet service, along with multiple channels of Iridium Satellite service for global voice and narrow-band data service.“Inflight Internet is a prime example of what companies are doing to counter the effects of the current economy,” said John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “With corporate investment still being curtailed in many areas, the rapid adoption of these services speaks directly to the value companies place on keeping their employees connected and productive while they fly.”In August this year, XOJET became the first operator in the charter industry to offer Gogo Biz, which starts at $395 per month, on every aircraft in its fleet.“Saying that Gogo Biz has been a huge hit would be an understatement,” according to XOJET CEO Blair LaCorte. “Our entire fleet is now fully wireless-enabled, which differentiates us from other operators. Our business customers count on the service on every flight and now view it as essential. Once they fly with it, they never want to be without it.”Several business aircraft manufacturers are now offering Gogo Biz service from the factory. The affordability and small size of Gogo Biz equipment have enabled Cessna Aircraft Company to offer inflight connectivity on its midsize jets since earlier this year. Roger Whyte, Cessna’s senior vice president of Sales & Marketing said. “Connectivity has become a highly desirable service, and it is quickly becoming commonplace aboard business aircraft.”Nextant Aerospace selected Gogo Biz for its 400XT aircraft modernization program, which is bringing greater efficiency and performance to the original Beechjet 400A/XP aircraft. Jim Miller, President of Nextant Aerospace said. “By incorporating all the latest technologies, we’re making the 400XT a state-of-the-art aircraft in every respect. Naturally, that includes connectivity. Gogo Biz is the only service in aviation that offers a true high speed Internet experience with equipment small and affordable enough for a light jet.”Many of the largest fractional ownership providers are in the process of installing Gogo Biz. “Inflight Internet is a highly-requested service and people appreciate being able to use their own laptops and PDA’s to do virtually everything they do at home or in their office,” said Fred Reid, President of Flexjet. “It’s a small price to pay for the return it gives our customers in productivity, efficiency and convenience.”

Kathryn B. Creedy, US correspondent,
Atlanta, GA

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