NBAA2010: Aircell AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband shipments set

Saying that it offers a new level of affordability for satellite-based connectivity, Aircell said shipments are imminent for its new AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband solution.The system, originally announced at EBACE earlier this year, offers reduced antenna size and increased affordability. The company said it makes satellite-based connectivity practical for a whole new segment of the industry, including light jets and turboprops.AVIATOR 200, which is about $55,000, excluding installation, pairs the proven, lightweight avionics equipment found in existing SwiftBroadband solutions with a small, low-gain satcom antenna. The result is a reduction in overall system size and weight as well as the cost and complexity of aircraft modifications. Aircell’s SwiftBroadband solutions are powered by Thrane & Thrane. Weight is 13 pounds.With the AVIATOR 200, which offers voice and data connectivity at up to 200 kbps in multiple world regions, equipment package and newly-launched SwiftBroadband 200 service from Inmarsat, operators can seamlessly use their personal laptops and mobile devices for e-mail and light Internet services at up to 200 kbps with coverage virtually anywhere in the world. They can also use the system’s integrated cabin handsets to make and receive voice calls.“The AVIATOR 200 is a great new option for aircraft that operate regionally and don’t require the higher bandwidth offered by other SwiftBroadband systems,” said John Wade, Aircell’s Executive Vice President and General Manager. “The small antenna is a big part of this new system – since it’s about the size of a VHF antenna, it allows for straight-forward installation.”The company also offers the AVIATOR 300, with voice and data at up to 332 kbps on a near global basis, includes an intermediate-gain antenna weighs in at 17 pounds. cost is $95,000 plus installations.

Kathryn B. Creedy, US correspondent,
Atlanta, GA

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