NBAA 2015: ViaSat and Rockwell Collins connect cabin and cockpit

tViaSat is integrating its VMT-1500 terminal and global Ku-band in-flight connectivity (IFC) service with Rockwell Collins' ERT-120 smart cabin eRouters (pictured) and ARINCDirect flight support services to offer business aircraft operators one solution encompassing both cabin and cockpit connectivity capabilities.ttViaSat's Ku-band IFC allows passengers to send and receive emails, establish VPN connections, stream video and participate in video conferencing and phone calls using the ADConnect VoIP app for iOS and Android. Integrating this with Rockwell Collins’ in-cabin routing and management systems extends passenger connectivity capabilities to the cabin crew and flight deck, whereby flight crews using the ARINCDirect Flight Planning app can access their account and update flight plans, weather, charts and trip documents while en“We teamed with Rockwell Collins to offer business jet operators a single, comprehensive suite of cabin connectivity capabilities across our advanced global internet service,” stated Ken Peterman, ViaSat’s SVP and general manager. “By integrating our Ku-band terminal and service with Rockwell Collins' smart router we are providing aircraft system data communications that is value-added, cost competitive and accommodates the growing demand for high-speed connectivity across the entire aircraft.”tt“Operators want to provide global in-flight connectivity and are installing advanced satellite-based internet systems for cabin and cockpit communications, whether for streaming media, office applications, telephony, regulatory flight routing, congestion control or aircraft health monitoring, to name a few,” added David Stanley, vice president of ARINCDirect cabin services for Rockwell Collins. “By working with ViaSat, we are bringing a complete, cost-effective and reliable connectivity to business jet operators looking to provide their passengers with high-speed, high-quality internet communications, with global coverage.”

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