NBAA 2015: TrueNorth’s Optelity platform to offer UGO IFE

TrueNorth Avionics’ Optelity Pro cabin communications system is set to feature a personalised in-flight entertainment (IFE) application, Optelity Experience (OE), powered by Display Interactive’s UGO in-flight services platform.
t“TrueNorth and Display Interactive share the same philosophy regarding the customer experience of business jet passengers,” remarked Mark van Berkel, CEO, TrueNorth Avionics.“Optelity Experience will go beyond movies and magazines to include curated content and what we refer to as exclusive experiences. This app is about the passenger experience and designed to provide a bespoke entertainment solution.”ttThe Optelity Experience app has specifically been tailored for business jets, allowing passengers to view a variety of entertainment options on their tablets without using satellite bandwidth because the content is delivered at the gate using the Optelity system’s LTE network.ttOE will offer movies, short videos, corporate content, moving maps and magazines as well as giving users the ability to customise the content to meet their own personal and business needs and a deluxe concierge service. For example, on arrival in London or Paris, passengers can use the application to set-up a special event, such as a personal shopping tour or a professional tennis lesson.ttThierry Carmes, Display Interactive’s co-founder and director of strategy and development, said, “UGO was designed as an innovative solution for the IFE market based on our airline experience. It is all about customer engagement and service differentiation with technical sophistication that belies how easy it is to use. Transforming the app to fit business jet users is a natural progression and we have definitely found a cultural match with“People want to customise and select their entertainment options and we’ve amped-up the experience by adding the team room environment and special event options. We work with very talented partners to offer the unique content available to business aviation, and the result is an exceptional, upscale passenger experience,” Carmes concluded.

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