NBAA 2015: SD launches SD FlightLogs

SD, formerly Satcom Direct, has announced a new service, SD FlightLogs, which provides aircraft operators with an electronic flight log solution that automates the tracking of aircraft movement events, keeping every member of the flight team in sync with the aircraft.
t“It doesn’t make sense when you have a multi-million dollar aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art technology and you’re still using paper flight logs,” expanded Jim Jensen, founder and CEO of SD. “SD FlightLogs is an electronic solution to the manual process of recording OFF/ON times. It auto-captures flight data so that you’ve not only eliminated the paper, you’ve created a database of movement and maintenance information that can be tracked over the life of the aircraft.”ttSD FlightLogs is a smart-device compatible web-based system powered by SD’s FlightDeck Freedom (FDF). Designed to reduce manual user input, it auto captures data, calculating and recording flight time and cycle events while creating an electronic record documenting all flight information leg by leg. This creates an efficient, common platform for all operational users from pilot to maintenance and scheduler whilst virtually eliminating human error.ttTeam members access information from three primary screens: fleet overview, trip list and trip details, allowing them to view high-level summary data or detailed flight events for each leg of a trip.ttSD says this is a first in business aviation.

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