NBAA 2015: Challenger 300 operators eligible for video system upgrade

tA Bombardier Business Aircraft Service Bulletin has certified an HD video system upgrade for Challenger 300 operators designed to integrate with the aircraft’s current ‘nice’ in-flight entertainment and cabin management system from Lufthansa Technik.ttThe upgrade will increase the current video source selection from one standard definition DVD to three HD sources – Blu-ray, USB, and HDMI – which, in terms of wiring, involves the addition of HDMI, USB and Ethernet ports. All wiring is contained within the LH Wardrobe Closet and removal of the Wardrobe is not required to facilitate the installation.ttA fourth HD source – Audio and Video on Demand (AVoD) – will be introduced free-of-charge in the first quarter of 2016 via field loadable software, allowing stored content to be individually streamed and controlled on the network to the forward and aft displays.ttThe upgrade also includes two 20” HD Smart Displays with internal decoding for noise-free high resolution picture; a media centre unit including Blu-ray Player and AVoD server hardware; upgrade software compatible with industry standard audio and video formats (including but not limited to .mp4, .mov, .wmv); and an advanced colour graphical user interface.ttThe upgrade can be installed at any one of Bombardier's seven wholly owned service centres in Singapore, Amsterdam, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford, Tucson and Wichita.

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