NBAA 2015: Astronics taps into VVIP aircraft market

Astronics Corporation has marked its presence at NBAA 2015 with two announcements.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Astronics AeroSat and Armstrong Aerospace, the company has introduced its new VVIP aircraft connectivity system components.The ARINC 791 compliantAeroShield low drag radome and composite adapter plate technology combination provides significant benefits to VVIP aircraft operators installing connectivity systems to include reduced drag, simplified installations and lower weight.The AeroShield radome is designed with a highly-optimised aerodynamic shape which reduces aerodynamic drag for improving fuel-burn savings and provides bird-strike hardness to meet stringent FAA safety requirements. The composite adapter plate design simplifies and standardises installations while reducing weight by 78% over traditional metal designs. The new adapter plate delivers commonality and interchangeability across entire fleets, making for easy de-modification for end-of-lease restoration.tAstronics has also announced its first aircraft project in the US market, with subsidiary Astronics PGA Avionics chosen by Comlux America as the IFEC/CMS supplier for their first ever wide-body interior completion on an ACJ330.ttAstronics PGA Avionics will be providing an IFEC/CMS system that controls the entire cabin and will include the latest suite of IFEC technologies, such as full-HD screens, touch screens, audio/video sources and passenger control units. The CMS simplifies control of the cabin environment from lighting and temperature to door closures. Astronics PGA has also integrated the latest technologies for DRM capability (Digital Right Management).ttAstronics PGA Avionics also entered into a three-year contract for potential future Comlux America projects.

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