NBAA 2015: ARINCDirect receives additional boosts

Rockwell Collins has announced a series of enhancements to ARINCDirect, as a result of industry collaborations.

In its continued relationship and integration with Schneider Electric’s weather applications, a new 4-D Flight Route Alerting capability has been added providing customers with real-time, automated alerts based on their specific weather tolerances, prior to departure and while en-route.The new feature allows ARINCDirect users to calculate precise flight plans up to 36 hours in advance, and continuously monitor potential routes for weather issues until they are completed or cancelled. In the case of an in-flight diversion or re-route, additional flight paths can be evaluated immediately, enabling pilots and schedulers to make better informed decisions.“Weather incidents have a major impact on passenger comfort, can damage airplanes and increase costs for business aviation operators,” said David Poltorak, vice president, Business Aviation Services for Rockwell Collins. “Providing enhanced alerts about potentially disruptive weather along their flight path allows our customers to make adjustments that save time and money.”Working with FlightAware, customers flying non-ADS-B equipped aircraft can, for the first time, receive real-time position reports around the world through an enhanced flight tracking service for business aircraft called Mode S Multilateration (MLAT).FlightAware’s new MLAT technology leverages its extensive ground station network of receivers to provide real-time flight positions for business aviation aircraft that are not ADS-B equipped, even where RADAR data is not available.“More than 80% of business aviation aircraft are not ADS-B equipped—with many of them flying in Europe and abroad—so this service provides tremendous benefits to our customers traveling internationally,” said Poltorak,. “Now customers can track the exact location of their aircraft globally in real-time, enhancing safety and operations.”ARINCDirect is also now reselling FlightAware TV, a map-based fleet or airport flight tracking display that can run on any HDTV, providing customers with a seamless, integrated solution that can be displayed in their hangar, dispatch centre, or corporate office.The new service is now available to ARINCDirect customers in Europe. It is in beta testing in the rest of the world, and is expected to be available in December 2015.

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