NBAA 2014: Vision Systems showcases electronically dimmable windows

Vision Systems’ solar protection product, Nuance, has been included in the mock-up of Epic Aircraft’s E1000 jet at NBAA.
Nuance, which uses Suspended Particle Device (SPD) technology, can dim aircraft windows from clear to dark in less than five seconds, reducing the invasion of light, glare and heat. The dimming can be controlled by a button near the window, through a personal electronic device or a separate control panel.
Interiors are kept cooler when the aircraft is at its darkest whilst on the ground, meaning SPD solutions actively contribute to cooling cost reductions. The windows can also block 99.9% of UV light, protecting the aircraft interior from fading, as well as being configured to reduce noise pollution.
A lack of moving parts in the Nuance system reduces maintenance costs and aircraft downtime, and Vision Systems are now working on a green solution for solar protection to create an electronically dimmable window producing its own energy from the sun using transparent photovoltaic cells integrated into the glazing.

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