NBAA 2014: TrueNorth Avionics unveils new Optelity Product Family

TrueNorth Avionics has revealed its new ‘Optelity’ in-flight connectivity platform at NBAA, alongside an app-based touchscreen ‘valet’ handheld device, which will give business jet passengers the capability to control the cabin environment, access email and the internet and make calls.
The new communications service offers all the cabin connectivity associated with a Wi-Fi platform and can be configured to offer a complete in-flight office or networking/telephony only versions.
Optelity is designed to accommodate the latest passenger devices and future technology developments to prevent owners from having to replace full systems after a certain period of time.
Mark van Berkel, True North’s CEO, commented, “We’ve taken a page from the aircraft engine ownership model, which means owners and operators can be assured that future software and hardware upgrades, and customer care will be up-to-date for the life of the system—without additional unexpected costs.”
The Optelity family has also been designed to work seamlessly with True North’s stylus handsets and offers an upgrade path for aircraft operators using, or planning to use TrueNorth’s Simphon? connectivity systems.

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