NBAA 2014: SmartSky Networks announces connectivity partners for 4G service

SmartSky Networks, which plans to launch the first 4G LTE-based in-flight Wi-Fi service, has announced its connectivity partners at NBAA.
The company plans to work with Textron Aviation, Duncan Aviation, Satcom Direct, International Communications Group and Harris Corporation in the engineering and supply of key equipment, certification on aircraft, system sales and installation and provision of subscription service and support.
SmartSky claims its connectivity service will offer up to 10 times the typical speed and capacity of in-flight broadband currently on the market by accessing 60 MHz of the Air To Ground (ATG) spectrum.
“With the largest ATG spectrum position ever utilised, enabled by a patented 4G LTE-based technology advantage, we're transitioning the industry from 3G to 4G, much like what has happened on the ground over the last 10 years,” said SmartSky Networks CEO, Haynes Griffin. “In fact, SmartSky 4G will provide internet capabilities in the air just like what people are accustomed to on the ground, in both the upload and download directions. The only thing that changes is your altitude.”

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