NBAA 2014: Satcom Direct announces single number AeroV+ for business aviation

US satcoms provider Satcom Direct announced its AeroV+ at the show yesterday.

In 1997, the firm launched the Global One Number (GON) service – a technology that allowed callers on the ground to reach any handset on an aircraft in flight by dialling a single, 10-digit telephone number, no matter where the aircraft was located. It is now offering an improvement with the advent of AeroV+.
Jim Jensen CEO says, “Accomplishing simple smartphone use is easier said than done. Smartphones from multiple vendors with differing versions of operating systems make providing a common and easy user experience difficult. Adding to this challenge is that terrestrial-based networks vary in the ways in which they support voice and messaging.”
Available for aircraft equipped with the Satcom Direct Router (SDR) and AeroV+, passengers can use their smartphone and their number to text and talk anywhere in the world through all phases of flight accessible by satellite – i.e. not Polar Regions in common with other service providers.
Liz Moscrop, editor, Inflight / Inflight-Online.comOrlando, USA

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