NBAA 2014: Honeywell announces Satcom1 as reseller of JetWave hardware

Satcom1 has signed a supplemental agreement with Honeywell Aerospace to become a business aviation reseller of JetWave Ka-Band satellite connectivity hardware, which exclusively supports Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX (JX) service, going live in 2015.
Satcom1 explains that the decision to become a hardware reseller for the first time in its 11-year history allows the company to provide clients with a full broadband solution.
“Honeywell is pleased to work with full service solution providers such as Satcom1, who have a primary focus of bringing simple, high-performance connectivity solutions to their customers,” commented Blane Boynton, Honeywell’s director of marketing and product management. “Satcom1 joins a global JX team, which will deploy the next generation of connectivity to meet the needs of tomorrow’s business aviation operators.”
Karina Larsen, co-founder of Satcom1, added, “Our aim is to work closely with completion centres, which prefer a SATCOM provider that can propose network design, ensure hardware fulfilment, and perform complete system testing and activation – prior to the final end-customer delivery.
“If we can simplify this process for anyone – we are proud to add JetWave hardware to our portfolio as part of the supply chain for SATCOM solutions,” Larsen concluded.

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