NBAA 2013: Puc-ering up – Avionica kisses the private satcoms sector

Florida based Avionica is in Las Vegas gambling on its new product, dubbed PuC, being a hit with the market.

The single channel device uses satcoms to transit SMS messages and phone calls and is still in the R&D phase.

Mitchell Phillips technical sales associate says, “The prototype weighs about 16 ounces and is six by four inches. It is also heavier than the final product.” He adds that the company is already active in the commercial sector, and wanted to bring its capabilities to the business aviation market.

Since it is a carry on device it does not require the intensive certification process that an integrated device would. Anthony Rios, vp engineering, explains, “This is the value it brings to the customer, who many not see the necessity of STCs for their in-flight entertainment system. In practical terms it halves the price and time it takes to bring to market.”

The device provides an Iridium satellite link to the cabin and is set for certification in the second quarter of next year. It complements other products the company offers, such as satLINK, which provides an Iridium satellite-based data communications alternative to commercial carriers in the absence of HF, VHF or Inmarsat system coverage.

The requirements of commercial air transport differ from those of general aviation, but Avionica has Iridium solutions for that market, too. From a basic voice communications handset to a fully integrated voice and data messaging system, the firm’s solutions include both single voice/single data and single voice/dual data modules. These may be further configured in pairs to provide commercial air transport-class dual-redundant solutions with dual voice/dual data or dual voice/quad data channels.

Phillips believes there will be a strong appetite for the PuC when it arrives. He concludes, “Who doesn’t want the convenience of being able to carry on and use their phone on board?”

Liz Moscrop, Inflight /
Las Vegas, USA

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