NBAA 2013: HondaJet nearers certification

Honda Aircraft Company announced significant milestones in the development of the HondaJet.

The light jet’s flight test programme is nearing its final phase, and manufacturing is approaching build completion on the first production HondaJet.

Michimasa Fujino, president says, “The HondaJet programme continues its steady progress toward certification, and we anticipate receiving Federal Aviation Administration type inspection authorisation in the next few months.”

The HondaJet has flown more than 4,000 test points, and conducted numerous missions to remote testing sites across the US. It has also started interior and cabin systems tests on the fifth FAA- conforming HondaJet, which joined the flight test program in May 2013.

This aircraft will also be used for future function and reliability (F&R) testing and is the first HondaJet test aircraft to have a production interior.

Like the rest of the aircraft, the interior is carefully designed. Each seat in the club four configuration can move sideways, as well as back and forth, in order for everyone to have enough leg room. There is also plenty of space under the tables, which stow in the sidewalls.

The Cabin Management System (CMS) is controlled via an app, which can sit on any device programmed with HTML5 or above. This app controls the lighting, audio and climate control. There is also a USB port for content the users may wish to bring on, and Honda will offer an option for XM radio. The company says it is not ready to disclose whether it will offer other content.

There are pocket sliding doors for extra privacy in the lavatory, which has an infra red controlled sink. The large windows also come with a dimmable option.

Cockpit comms are based on the Garmin 3000 system, which is reflected in the moving map offered. However, perhaps the most compelling feature so far is not in the cabin – the engine starter is just one button, rather than the array of instruments pilots have needed previously.

Liz Moscrop, Inflight /
Las Vegas, USA

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