NBAA 2013: Comlux America expands to widebody completions

Comlux the Aviation Group announced at the show that it is expanding its capabilities to include wide body VIP aircraft (Airbus ACJ330-ACJ340-ACJ380 and Boeing 767BBJ-777BBJ-747BBJ).
In the four years since it received the approval from both manufacturers as an authorized completion facility, its focus has been solely on narrowbody aircraft. Comlux has already completed several aircraft completions including ACJ319, ACJ320, BBJ, BBJ3, B757 and soon an ACJ321, demonstrating an ability to deliver on time the highest quality interiors to its VIP customers.

Plans are in place to immediately launch an extension to the existing state of the art facility, which was inaugurated in 2012, upon signature of a VIP widebody completion. The extension should take six months to complete, and increase the facility in size from128,000 sq ft to 157,000 sq ft. The new centre will be able to accommodate one wide body aircraft plus up to six narrow bodies at the same time.

“When I see the quality of the work accomplished in the past few years and the strong motivation of our teams, I have no doubt that Comlux America is ready for this move into the widebody market. There is huge potential not only to catch green completions, but also second hand aircraft refurbishments and maintenance.” says group president Richard Gaona, president.

David Edinger, CEO adds, “With our decision to expand to the widebody market, we will grow the team to about 500 employees, starting with the reinforcement of our sales department.”

The company’s technical capabilities are getting stronger and it recently added a new noise reduction system to an interior, which has brought sound levels down “significantly.” It achieved this by rewiring the manufacturer’s installed system for a VIP variant.

Edinger explains, “We designed more efficient insulation, and used less weight. We have cut 7,000lb from the aircraft wiring.”

Liz Moscrop, Inflight /
Las Vegas, USA

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