NBAA 2011: Rockwell Collins Venue CMS gets upgrade

Rockwell Collins has announced a series of new features for its Venue cabin management system (CMS).

The upgrades include a family of intuitive 10.6” touch-screen HD monitors and cabin controls, a touch-enabled version of its Airshow Moving Map so that passengers can retrieve real-time flight information and watch moving maps at their own pace and simultaneous audio/video on demand capability.
Touch-screen personal seat controls offer an easy-to-use 4” personal programmable switch panel incorporating a touch-enabled LCD screen to select lights and audio/video content. The touch-screen switch can be changed on the flight to function as a VIP switch and can display flight information such as time to destination and local time.
Venue’s new audio video on demand (AVOD) system allows content to be loaded and accessed by multiple displays within the cabin. This means that multiple passengers can view the same video or listen to the same song at different times and at their own pace, independent of other passengers. The Venue AVOD application can also support selection and playback of video content on Venue bulkhead displays.
“Venue has the most flexible backbone of any cabin system, scalable from light jets to BBJs,” declared vice president and general manager, Cabin Systems for Rockwell Collins, Dave Austin. “These new features, along with an extensive list of third party product integrations, make it easy to understand why Venue is the most popular HD cabin system in the market.”

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