NBAA 2011: OnAir and TriaGnoSys in mobile connectivity and hardware solution

OnAir and TriaGnoSys have reached a formal agreement in an aim to offer a one-stop-shop, including OnAir’s in-flight mobile phone services and TriaGnoSys’s airborne hardware.

OnAir and TriaGnoSys have conducted rigorous testing resulting in what both providers claim is a fully integrated turnkey system that can be installed on any aircraft type. It allows passengers to use their mobile devices for calls, text messaging, email and to access the Internet.
“The combination of OnAir’s global mobile phone service and TriaGnoSys’ airborne hardware is unique,” commented Ian Dawkins, OnAir’s CEO. “We have the widest geographic reach of any inflight mobile phone service provider and the equipment is sufficiently flexible to be fitted to any plane and to meet all customer requirements. That means it is suitable for all types of aircraft.”
The mobile phone solution uses Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, which provides global coverage, as well as a clear upgrade path to Global Xpress, Inmarsat’s global Ka-band solution.
“The hardware has been designed specifically for the business jet market: it is small, lightweight and very simple to install,” said TriaGnoSys’s managing director, Axel Jahn. “It is scalable and can be used for a wide range of appealing passenger applications, services and entertainment.”
The solution will be fitted on Dasnair’s Falcon 7X aircraft and it is claimed that a growing number of undisclosed customers will start installation in the coming months.

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