NBAA 2011: InTheAirNetVIP aims to offer “Personalised Technology” with new IFE/connectivity solution

Global provider of IFE cabin distribution systems for passenger and business/VIP aircraft, InTheAirNetVIP, has launched the abSeries platform, a new wired and/or in-flight entertainment (IFE) and seat power connection for business aircraft with 9 to 60 passengers.

The system consists of a seven-inch master control, usually located in the galley or crew area; a Distribution/Power Module in the cabin which supports 9 passengers (additional passengers or zones may be added as required); an Aircraft Interface Module for adding a Passenger Map; and an optional Aircraft Control Module for electronic control of aircraft lights, temperature, and shades. All features can be operated with an app on the passenger’s smart device.
This system has a two-way offering: business aircraft passengers can play their PED content on large, high-resolution cabin displays, enjoy previously stored on-board content and the moving passenger map, or connect to the internet, while also enjoying email.
InTheAirNetVIP calls this "Personalised Technology," and it aims to enhance every flight connection for the passenger. Based on patent-applied-for Android architecture, while also enabling access to a wide range of other devices’s operating systems, the abSeries enables the business passenger to use their PED for all of the uses for which it was designed.
"Today’s aviation entertainment and connectivity preferences gravitate toward the passenger controlling their own content," commented Michael Rogerson, chairman of InTheAirNetVIP. "This means the ability to play their own portable device’s content, whether memstick, SmartPhone, or other Personal Entertainment Device, on a larger screen or play aircraft on-board content onto their devices. Of course, while all this is happening, the passenger gets their device recharged."

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