MRO Europe: Rockwell Collins enhances connectivity for business aviation customers

Rockwell Collins has partnered with TrueNorth Avionics to offer its advanced Airborne Data Router (ADR) for enhanced connectivity.

The ADR will support a new suite of value-added connectivity features and services being launched by Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect including enhancements to security.

“Connectivity has become a critical part of an aircraft’s capabilities,” said David Stanley, vice president, ARINCDirect Cabin Services for Rockwell Collins. “The Rockwell Collins ADR creates one network with the ability to prioritise traffic to effectively manage an entire suite of connectivity options through one device. That means business aviation operators get access to more connectivity options, faster networks, and more applications and value-added services – all from one service provider.”

In addition to managing onboard networks like Ka, Ku, L-Band, ATG and GSM within the cabin, the ADR enables more flight departments and crews to access ARINCDirect service offerings such ARINCDirect Wi-Fi call and text, media content, international trip planning, Rockwell Collins’ cabin systems and weather services by acting as the communications gateway for any number of connected devices on-board.

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