Mirus celebrates first linefit seat shipment

Mirus has dispatched its first ever shipset destined for the Airbus final assembly line as an approved Airbus supplier.

As CEO, Phil Hall noted: “Today marks the culmination of a dream that started over eight years ago. It also marks the fulfilment of a promise made. That dream and that promise was that I could deliver an economy seat to the Airbus final assembly line as an approved Airbus supplier… We are also immensely thankful of the steadfast support of our customer, AirAsia, and the patience and guidance received from Airbus, both of whom contributed so enormously to us reaching this momentous goal.

“For me, this achievement marks the maturing of Mirus Aircraft Seating as a business and as a real contender. I sometimes forget that 4 ½ years ago none of the business I see today existed.”

The first linefit shipset is due to be installed on 28 August in Hamburg, Germany, ready for flight on 29 August.

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