Mezzoglobal launches wireless entertainment app

Following the recent introduction of its new content licensing platform,, Mezzoglobal has launched a wireless entertainment app for airlines, coach and bus operators, train companies, cruise operators and ferry lines. Hardware agnostic, the app is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows passengers to use personal electronic devices to watch films and TV, listen to music and other audio and read magazines or other literature. Content can be viewed both when a passenger connected to the on-board servers but also when they are not, using a video on demand option.Mezzoglobal has configured the app to offer features such as passenger interrupt, system control from a mobile crew device, passenger crew call and integrations for social media. Dave Sampson, CEO of Mezzoglobal, remarked, “It is no longer necessary for airlines and travel operators to think that they have to buy both hardware and software from one vendor. Technology has reached a point where a ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ model of hardware and software will offer the best commercial models and best meet airlines’ and other travel operators’ needs. The Mezzoglobal app can be easily customised to fit on any hardware, whether it is portable hardware or installed. For example, airlines that have already purchased hardware no longer need to rip that hardware out and throw it away. They can simply replace the software and support service with a more competitive, better featured and lower cost proposition.“Our Android and iOS app offers airlines and travel operators much greater flexibility; content can be streamed on board, streamed on the ground from local servers in the lounge or in the airport before the flight, or the passenger can be offered content to download. Digital solutions offer much greater flexibility and we have matched this with extremely low licence fees. Of the 20,000 aircraft flying today, only 30% have any form of in-flight entertainment and you have to ask what has been the barrier to greater adoption. I believe it is mostly because of the super-premium prices that are charged for IFE systems. We are out to change this; we want IFE to be ubiquitous.”

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