Media Carrier to open US office

Media Carrier, which specialises in the marketing and distribution of digital newspapers and magazines, has announced plans to open a subsidiary in the US by the end of this year.
“Many of the world’s biggest hotel chains have their headquarters in the USA. Of equal importance for us are the many famous airlines which compete for the favours of millions of passengers in what is by far the biggest market in the world,” commented Philipp Jacke, managing director of Media Carrier. “We see tremendous potential for us in this sector. We can serve US hotels and airlines more easily and meet their needs more effectively with a local presence. To develop the American market, it will also be essential to add few major titles from the USA to our current portfolio. Proximity is an advantage for the acquisition of publishers.”
The news follows the company, a member of the German media and logistics company MELO Group, setting up its first branch office in London in 2015.
Media Carrier’s solution, Media Box, operates as a web-based service and can be used with any mobile device. To download their preferred title from a range of around 600 national or international magazines and papers, users simply connect to the Media Box of the airline or the hotel. After downloading, all publications remain available to the reader for an unlimited time.

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