MEBA 2014: Satcom1 introduces new Cabin Billing feature

Satcom1 has introduced a new feature to its Cabin Billing solution, allowing charter operators to decide whether to enable or disable the service on selected flights using a master on/off switch.
Cabin Billing works on aircraft equipped with an active Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system installed and with Satcom1 chosen as a service provider. When passengers access Wi-Fi for the first time, a welcome page appears on their personal device allowing them to select the MB/Price package depending on how much they’re willing to spend and pay using either a voucher code or credit card details.
The aim of Cabin Billing is to control data usage and costs on-board aircraft by billing the actual end-user directly. Instead of traditional cabin communications’ billing systems based on Pay-As-You-Go plans or fixed data package contracts, Cabin Billing transfers the cost directly to the passenger whenever communication is used, meaning the aircraft operator is able to avoid the hassle of the subsequent customer identification and invoicing.
This new feature is designed to be useful for situations when an aircraft is chartered for longer periods of time or when operators decide VIP customers should benefit from unhindered internet access, without being requested to provide personal credit card details in order to use internet on-board.

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