MEBA 2014: Satcom1 aims to deliver maximum bandwidth using SwiftBroadband

Satcom1’s research and development team is testing new techniques which bond between three and four Inmarsat SwiftBroadband channels.
The research is taking place at Satcom1’s lab at Le Bourget business airport in Paris. It follows the company’s initial breakthrough in aggregation technology, which combined two SwiftBroadband channels, providing a speed of 800 Kbps on average.
“We are currently testing four-channel aggregation in our Paris’ lab. In good testing conditions, we have been able to reach and maintain a stable throughput exceeding 1.4 Mbps over a significant periodof time,” explained Francois Goudal, head of research and development at Satcom1. “However, it is important to note that the results are depending on many factors, for example: the network load, especially in the Paris location which is one of the busiest spot beams in the world.
“Therefore, we continue our research and development efforts to find the best and most efficient solution and we expect more details and positive news to come as we continue testing,” Goudal continued. “The coming introduction of Alphasat (JetConneX), and High Data Rate services should, however, offer new opportunities to increase speeds with a less congested network and we are very much looking forward to start development on new networks and hardware platforms very soon.”
Aggregation is being tested on X-Stream channels in order to achieve the highest possible bandwidth. The tests are currently running on one Cobham SB-800 unit (two SwiftBroadband channels) and two Cobham Aviator 350 units (one SwiftBroadband channel each).

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