MEBA 2014: Satcom Direct showcases GlobalVT

Satcom Direct’s GlobalVT connectivity solution, which allows passengers to use voice and text functionality from their own personal smartphone number during flight at any altitude, anywhere in the world, has been showcased to the business aviation community for the first time at MEBA 2014
“The global voice and text capability led to the renaming of the product to GlobalVT,” remarked Chris Moore, Satcom Direct’s CCO. “This is really turning the office-in-the-sky concept into a reality, as we can provide all our Satcom Direct Router clients with an option to use their mobile phones in the air as they would on the ground for both incoming and outgoing voice calls and text messages.”
GlobalVT, formerly known as AeroV+, enables service availability across multiple satellite networks and is available to aircraft equipped with a Satcom Direct Router. In-flight messaging and calls are managed through the GlobalVT mobile app, which can be used through all phases of flight from taxi to taxi. Similar to land based mobile connectivity, the new service will be offered to clients under a monthly subscription model.
Jim Jensen, founder and CEO of Satcom Direct, explained, “The wide variety of available smartphones and operating systems has been a challenge, especially for a company like Satcom Direct that focuses on a consistent user experience. The complexity of supporting hundreds of terrestrial-based networks has brought another dimension to our development programme.”

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