Marlink to extend satcom services in new partnership with SITAONAIR

Marlink, which previously operated as a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space, has signed a partnership agreement with SITAONAIR with the aim of offering the aviation industry better access to reliable, secure and cost effective ICT solutions.From this year onwards, Marlink will make its Global Datalink Plus solution – which integrates connectivity services from Inmarsat and Iridium with the world’s largest VHF/VDL network and meets mandatory requirements for FANS and PreFANS services – available to SITAONAIR customers worldwide.“Over the years together with SITAONAIR we have been pioneering aircraft communications and bringing service innovation to the aviation industry. The aim of this new partnership is to enable more aviation customers to improve their flight operation services and grow their business further by adopting innovative and smart aircraft ICT solutions, whether this is based on VHF, VDL or satcom connectivity services,” explained Mario Incerti, Marlink’s director of aeronautical services.Damien McCormack, VP commercial, SITAONAIR, continued, “Marlink’s satcom service expertise, 24/7 worldwide customer care and global distribution and sales network will enable us to increase our market reach and allow more aviation customers to get the most out of our solutions. We will be able to deliver more efficient aircraft operations and improved aviation safety, in addition to streamlining the supply chain and introducing lifetime cost efficiencies for SITAONAIR and Marlink customers.”

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