Lufthansa Technik and Panasonic announce IDAIR joint venture

Lufthansa Technik and Panasonic Avionics Corporation have announced the joint venture, IDAIR, which went operational in mid-April 2011.Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, the main aim of the venture is to develop, manufacture and supply in-flight entertainment, communications and cabin management systems for VIP aircraft as well as custom products for commercial airlines.Focusing on narrow body and wide body VIP aircraft, IDAIR merges the depth of knowledge andexpertise of both Lufthansa Technik and Panasonic to develop and provide new, all encompassing solutions to VIPcustomers worldwide.It is claimed that IDAIR will expand the definition of airborne connectivity with its Global Communication Suite,which includes mobile telephony, broadband internet and TV. Packed as an integratedsystem to make the aircraft not only an integrated office-in-the-sky, but also acustomised onboard living room entertainment experience for VIP customers.Coupling the award-winning Lufthansa Technik nice system and Panasonic Avionics’ X seriestogether with its Global Communication Suite (eXphone, eXconnect and eXTV), IDAIR is introducinga solution tailored to VIP customers.IDAIR offers a customisable graphical user interface, providing intuitiveness and ease of use. AVOD functionality, High Definition Blu-ray players and the ability to control the system via iPhone/iPad will also add to the VIP experience.Chief Executive Officer of IDAIR, Andrew Muirhead commented, “IDAIR will provide its customers witha one stop shop for cabin electronics innovation, with the ability to offer a wide spectrum ofproducts and services including entertainment, communications, cabin management and mediaservices.”Craig Depner, Chief Technical Officer of IDAIR added,“We look forward to providing new comprehensive solutions to VIP customers, on a scale not previously seen in this market."

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