Lufthansa Systems’ mCabin now available on any Windows-based device

Lufthansa Systems has enhanced its mCabin crew app – which supports cabin attendants in all stages and processes before, during and after a flight – for Windows 10, allowing it to be used on Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform (UWP).
The UWP enabled by Windows 10 means previously separate Windows-based applications that ran on PCs, tablets, phones or game consoles like Xbox One are now all unified into a single platform, enabling software providers to create apps that run on all of these devices.
Lufthansa Systems has developed a single mCabin app that provides a user interface with the same look and feel and range of functionalities across all devices. It adjusts to various screen sizes.
As the app is modular by design, it is also possible to select individual modules for specific tasks. A purser might want to use a tablet with the full functionality of mCabin whereas other crew members might prefer using only modules relevant to their work on handy smartphones.
With in-flight connectivity, the crew can also promptly communicate important information directly to flight operations and upload ground data into the app. However, mCabin is also completely operational in an offline environment where data can be collected and then synchronised to back-end applications as soon as the device is again connected to the internet via a wireless or cell phone connection.
“mCabin is one of the first Lufthansa Systems enterprise apps available for the UWP,” remarked Wolfgang Bosch, director mobility solutions, Lufthansa Systems. “It supports multiple form factor families and input modalities making it capable of running on any Windows 10 device. This means choice and flexibility for the airlines when considering which device to select that will best suit the tasks of cabin crew members.”

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