Lufthansa Systems EFB solution integrated with UTC hardware

Lufthansa Systems and UTC Aerospace Systems (UTC) have developed an iOS-based prototype which integrates UTC’s new Tablet Interface Module (TIM) hardware into Lufthansa Systems’ Lido/mPilot electronic flight bag (EFB) application, so that a tablet device can interface with other avionics hardware in the cockpit.
Lido/mPilot is an iPad-based, all-in-one navigation solution including terminal maps, a seamless en route chart and a system for managing and distributing documents to improve flight deck efficiency. This integration with UTC makes it possible to connect iPads via Bluetooth (or cable) to flight displays so that pilots can quickly and easily exchange documents and information.
“The trend shows that airlines are increasingly using tablets in an EFB environment,” said Igor Dimnik, head of product management flight deck solutions, Lufthansa Systems. “As connectivity in the cockpit will play an ever greater role in the future, exchanging information and integrating the relevant data – such as weather information – will happen even faster.”
Microsoft and Lufthansa Systems are cooperating to optimise the Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual navigation solution, which was originally developed for permanently installed devices, for tablet use. A significant focal point is the future integration of the Windows 10 platform capabilities.

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