Lufthansa extends usage of PEDs to Airbus fleet

Lufthansa German Airlines (Lufthansa) has increased the number of routes on which passengers can use their personal electronic devices (PEDs) by allowing them to be used on all the carrier’s Airbus aircraft.

Approved by the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA), and from March onwards, Lufthansa will allow passengers to use PEDs such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other electronic devices uninterrupted for their entire duration of the flight.Since January, passengers have already been able to use their electronic devices in flight mode on Boeing 747-8s from gate to gate. With permission now granted for the Airbus fleet, usage will soon be possible on almost 250 Lufthansa aircraft. Lufthansa is also seeking LBA approval for other aircraft types.
“We are delighted that we have now been granted official approval for our guests to use their smartphones, tablets and computers uninterrupted on all Airbus aircraft, including our A380s,” said Jens Bischof, Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa. “We know that many passengers would like to use their devices uninterrupted while on board.”
Telephone calls will still not be allowed during the flight, although mobile phones and mobile-enabled tablets may be left on in flight mode so as to deactivate the mobile signal. On long-haul flights, Lufthansa offers a high-speed internet connection (FlyNet), as well as mobile access, allowing passengers to use text messaging and data services such as MMS and email.

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