Lufthansa extends newstainment service

A wide selection of free newspapers and magazines is now available to all Lufthansa passengers in the form of eJournals, accessed via the Media Box, a comprehensive, highly functional eJournal media library developed by Munich-based Media Carrier.

tOnce limited to select A321 flights, Lufthansa passengers can now compile their personal in-flight reading material from a wide portfolio of 145 German as well as international publications and daily newspapers.ttAs of 21 January 2016, Lufthansa passengers have been able to visit and download two eJournals of their choice from the Media Box to their own electronic devices starting three days before their flight.ttFrom March 2016, the airline will be offering a varying number of downloads depending on flight class and frequent flyer status. Passengers will also have the option to purchase additional digital newspapers or magazines. The reading material will be available as PDF files, even after the flight is over. Passengers can download their chosen business magazine or morning paper as an in-flight read from various touchpoints: the Lufthansa app, web check-in, Lufthansa website or the tried-and-tested pre-flight newsletter.t

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