KIDZinflight and Zappar to bring AR to airline industry

KIDZinflight have teamed up with Zappar to bring augmented reality (AR) to the airline industry.

The Zappar app can recognise images and objects and once it sees a zap code it knows, it uses AR to bring them to life.

The app creates entertainment experiences through AR which could give airlines new possibilities to stand out and engage children on-board and post-flight.

In a post KIDZinflight said, “Positive activation of children creates positive brand experiences among adult passengers. Actually, it increases the rate of returning passengers and their willingness to recommend the airline to family, friends and colleagues.”

KIDZinflight specialise in children’s entertainment on-board airlines, with concepts including classic games such as activity books, brain teasers and magic sticker sets.

A spokesperson for the company said, “To meet the kids of today who have grown up in an electronic world, KIDZinflight now offers to combine the world of classic 3D activities with the electronic world.”

By teaming up with Zappar, KIDZinflight offers airline partners the opportunity to make 3D activities come to life. The company explained that children are already familiar with the AR technology, as Pokémon Go uses the same technology.

The company added, “AR adds a new dimension to classic kid’s on board activities, as the activities come to life and that’s great fun!”

What we do at Zappar from Zappar on Vimeo.

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