Kanar Technologies creates ‘PED Pouch’

Kanar Technologies, a subsidiary of Global Aerospace Design Corporation, has conceptualised a complimentary solution to airlines offering in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming in-flight entertainment on personal electronic devices (PEDs): The PED Pouch.
With a patent currently pending, the pouch can attach to aircraft seats without qualifying as a modification or requiring certification, while allowing passengers to use their tablets, e-readers or smartphones hands-free without taking up tray-table space.
The PED Pouch features a clear window for viewing which permits touch sensitive operation, as well as multiple slots to accommodate wires for headphones or charging devices etc. There’s also a mechanism on the back of the pouch which enables passengers to adjust the angle for optimum viewing.
Kanar Technologies says that clients can choose whether they want the PED Pouch in leather or fabric and can choose from a range of different colours to meet airline branding and interior design requirements.
In terms of safety, the PED Pouch meets the Federal Aviation Administration’s flammability requirements, and can also be protected by an embedded radio frequency identification device within the product to ensure it’s not removed without authorisation.

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