JetBlue is first US carrier to offer PED usage gate-to-gate

JetBlue Airways (JetBlue) has become the first US airline to offer gate-to-gate usage of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) following approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Shortly after the implementation of the policy, JetBlue passengers were immediately allowed to start using PEDs during all phases of flight, on all flights.

"I'd like to thank the FAA and especially Administrator Michael Huerta for their adoption of the committee's recommendations and for moving very quickly to allow us to make this enhancement available to all JetBlue customers starting today," said JetBlue President and CEO, Dave Barger.

"We have worked very closely with the FAA to achieve this new policy, which will be a significant improvement in customers' onboard experience," commented Robin Hayes, JetBlue chief commercial officer. "JetBlue now allows all customers gate-to-gate use of personal electronic devices, which means customers can now use their devices at any time during their time onboard."

Prior to the new policy, customers had to turn off and stow all electronic devices during taxi, takeoff, landing and when the aircraft was below 10,000 feet. The new policy allows JetBlue customers to use smart phones, tablets, games and other smaller electronic devices at any time during taxi, takeoff and during flight, unless otherwise instructed by a crewmember. Laptops must be stowed for taxi, takeoff and landing.

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