AS-IP Tech to launch fflya at APEX EXPO

AS-IP Tech, the parent company of BizjetMobile, has announced plans to unveil a Bluetooth Smart connectivity solution for airlines known as fflya at the upcoming APEX EXPO in Singapore.

Ron Chapman, CEO of AS-IP Tech, stated, “fflya is an extremely important development for the airline industry as it opens up a whole new way to connect, previously thought not possible. fflya is specifically designed for the majority of airlines waiting for a solution as passengers believe connectivity costs should be comparative to what they experience on the ground or free.”

fflya will allow free App messaging while eliminating the cost of satellite transmission by integrating the latest generation App technology, Bluetooth Smart capability, and a proprietary narrowband satellite protocol. The solution is capable of connecting every passenger on-board using a single Bluetooth hotspot.

AS-IP Tech, Inc. is currently in negotiations with an A340 operator to commence flight-testing of fflya.

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